What to see and do

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Vacation in pure nature

Mojkovac represents unique natural spa, God gifted for those who are tired of urban everyday of their lives, working  and city crowds. Therefore, it is your choice to choose Mojkovac with its surrounding with aim to enjoy in natural ambient, which is mostly untouched from primordials. Everyone will find here refreshment of their body and spirit  at his own place at the right moment. 

If you are looking for antiques, You should see old ruins of medieval town “Brskovo” or Monastery of St. Đorđe from 16th century. If you want to ride in boats, kayaks and rafts, there is for you the most beautiful European river Tara. From the pine forests called Crna poda, Tara river enters into the largest European canyon, which is with a complex pine trees and Zaboj Lake on Mt. Sinjajevina, placed under the protection of UNESCO MAB program. The gulch called Đavolje lazi is situated beneath the rainforest in Crna Poda. The nature narrowed frantically “the tear of Europe” to only 2 meters. This part of the canyon is challenging for lovers of white-water kayaking.

Rafting on Tara is already well-known, popular and exotic. The Tara River is the longest river of Montenegro – 150 km, with clear, cold and drinking water during the entire course, with amazing waterfalls, whirlpools and sandbanks. The surrounding rivers flow into waterfalls and made a phenomenal atmosphere, in itself unique in Europe. If you love the mountains, you can go on foot, by bicycle or by car, because the trails are marked. The mountains are gentle, overgrown deciduous and evergreen forest, with a lot of precious wildlife. You will come across meadows, springs and streams, mountain cliffs and the passes. If you like paragliding, you can fly off with each cliff and landed in the canyon of Tara river or Lepešnica river. In the two hotels on the right and left banks of Tara, two motels, at the foot of Mt. Sinjajevina, for those with a refined taste, there is hacienda with different content. On the mountains are Katuns settlements and villages of ethnic and eco-villages.